Greg Skrtic


Falls Church, VA


I grew up in Florida, moved to Texas my senior year of High School, and earned a BA in Art from Texas Tech University in 1985. That same year I got married, moved to Dallas, and enrolled in the BFA program at University of North Texas for Art Education. A few years later, I graduated again, joined the Peace Corps, went to Botswana and taught art at a community school in a small village on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. After four and a half years the wife and I moved to Yemen and six months later left that fine country in the midst of a civil war. We then packed whatever we had left and spent the next eight years in Vilnius, Lithuania, where my son was born in 2000. Our "Global Nomad" days came to an end shortly after 9-11, and we returned to this strange place called the U S A, to Virginia--a place neither of us had so much as visited, and put down roots. Each new place I have lived my artwork reflects the influence of the culture, people and events of the country.

I teach art to elementary school students in Fairfax County and create art whenever I can. For me, painting is an obsession. When I begin a painting, my obsession is red--angry, creative, passionate. Red is the time I am more than likely to experiment with new techniques and color combinations, working with broad strokes. As I settle into the painting, my obsession turns to green--calm, deliberate, sedulous. Green is when I am more analytical about the work, keeping an eye to compositional concerns and aesthetics.

I take inspiration from many sources, both natural and man-made. I use patterns from patchwork quilting, carpet or wallpaper designs just as readily as from a seashell, leaf, or seed pod. Incorporating these patterns into the overall composition in a way that they can co-exist in harmony is a recurring theme in my work.



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